Why Designer Diamond-Gold Pendants Are Becoming Popular

Pendants have always been one of the most versatile jewellery pieces. The beauty of pendants lies in the designs they come in. It won’t be wrong to say that pendants elevate the elegance of the modern-day lady up by several notches. However, there is one type of pendant that has gained a lot of popularity among modern women.

Designer gold pendant with diamonds is winning the hearts of women these days. Incorporating the best features of gold and diamond, these pendants offer the versatility of choices for women.

  1. Multiple shapes and designs

Merging gold with diamonds, jewellers have created a new range of shapes and designs for women. Multiple types of diamond cuts are now available in different shapes created with gold base.

A ring shape, oval, heart, and V-shape are just a few basic types of designs that you find in the pendant category. The modern designs of gold and diamond have become more eye-pleasing with the moulding properties of gold.

  1. A variety of gold metal choices

Matching diamonds with gold allows the jewellers to create multiple choices with yellow gold and white gold. The gold type is selected to match the cuts of the diamonds. This way, the selected metal takes the beauty of diamonds to a new level of excellence.

  1. Availability of different diamond settings

Combining gold and diamonds together, it becomes possible to create a unique setting of diamonds. This saves from getting same old boring designs. Women get to pick versatile gold designs and associated diamond settings.

When choosing a diamond setting on a pendant, you come across hidden and exposed settings. The hidden ones keep the diamond inside the metal. On the other hand, the exposed ones give a clear look of diamonds. With trusted jewellers, you can select the exposed diamonds, as they don’t present the threat of falling off.

  1. Ability to reduce the cash investment in diamonds

Women usually tend to pay too much in order to get the perfect colour of the diamonds. However, the gold setting of the pendants allows them to reduce their cash investment for a reasonable quality of diamonds. The yellow colour of the gold balances the natural flaws of the diamonds. As a result, women get the maximum appeal without having to spend a lot.

  1. Lesser weight with higher sophistication

Not every woman likes to wear too heavy neckpieces, even on special occasions. For them, it becomes difficult to get a precious look without worrying about the weight and size of the neck pieces. The problem gets resolved with these types of pendants. The combination of gold and diamond creates the most sophisticated look without increasing the weight to a great extent. Women love the comfort of these sophisticated pendants, which saves them from buying too heavy necklaces.

If you are also feeling excited about getting a gold-diamond pendant, make sure you have the right jeweller. Get modern designs and genuine quality to make your pendant purchase a success.

Hopefully, this article has helped you understand the popularity and importance of diamond-gold pendants. To know more, you should consider talking to expert jewellers who create such pendants.

Clare Louise Author