Warmth for you in bed with linen

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Australia is known for its temperate climate and for sun shine. The temperate climate makes the people to enjoy the climate to its best as there are no chilly winters to make you shiver with cold and no short summers to crave for more sunshine to bask in sunshine on the beaches. The linen Donna cover, forms the perfect bedding to be used in temperate climate. The natural fiber makes the bedding perfect choice for those who want light yet warm bedding for themselves.

What is so special about linen?

The linen is the natural fabric which is made with great care, taking care of the minute details of the bedding. This fabric is pre washed to give the fiber its natural softness which increases with every wash. Linen gets thicker and thicker with every wash.

Linen as fabric

This is the natural fabric which becomes soft after every wash. It is further known to be warm in winter and cold in the summer. The material has the anti bacterial and hypoallergenic quality too .It also does not allow the moisture to sweat in the bed or feel moist in the bed because the fabric is thicker and hollow than cotton. The air wrapped in between allows the moisture to dry fast. Another quality of pure linen which makes it a better material for the bed is the passage of the cool air from the fiber to your body thus enjoy the cool air even when your body is covered with the linen cover.

Is it better than cotton?

The linen is considered better than cotton because of the plant of its origin. Linen is vintage fabric woven from the flax which is hollow and the air allows the fabric to dry faster. The feel of the linen is amazing on the skin.