Tear Gas Cleanup

In situations where tear gas is used, you might not think that it’s necessary for any cleanup to be done afterwards. Tear gas cleanup is not something that generally crosses your mind as being necessary after a street protest that became violent or a stand-off with police. However, toxic gas can cause serious health problems if it is not removed after it is sprayed, and we are the company to do just that.

We provide a variety of services to our clients that involve everything from odor removal after a body has been left unattended to crime scene clean up to, yes, tear gas clan up. We are highly trained, certified, and experienced professionals who are ready to tackle any clean up job with care, compassion, and extreme attention to detail.

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When a scene needs to be cleaned up, we decontaminate or remove every affected surface to make sure that all traces of the incident are gone. When tear gas is sprayed, its residue can stay on surfaces for an extremely long time. It does not just magically dissipate into thin air after it is sprayed. In fact, it stays on the surfaces it was sprayed on for a very long time.

If this happens inside a home, workplace, or commercial building, the effects on people’s health can be numerous. For example, tear gas can be a skin irritant, and it can cause respiratory health problems. If a person is already susceptible to respiratory problems, tear gas can make their already-precarious situation that much worse.

Additionally, tear gas can cause heart and liver problems. These organs are not ones that anyone wants damaged in any way as they are so integral to life. Tear gas can also cause difficulties with motor control, which is part of the nervous system.

All of these types of health problems mean that it is critical for the location where it was sprayed to be thoroughly decontaminated afterwards. The lingering health effects can negatively impact people’s lives for years after their initial exposure to tear gas. You don’t want a family to come home after their home was sprayed with tear gas to then be exposed to the gas when they were not a.) home for the initial spraying and b.) when the gas’ residue is still present on surfaces in the home.

When tear gas cleanup is required, call us, the experienced professionals, to take care of the problem quickly and effectively.