Six Bestselling Toys to Keep Your Kids Busy

 Everyone loves fun and games, remember when you used to play any game you could think up just to keep yourself entertained. Maybe you played eye-spy or hide-and-seek, or just played cops and robbers with stick guns. At some point, you were probably pestering your parents or eventually getting bored. Well, keep your kids or children in the family nice and busy with one of these bestselling toys.

Goopy Slime

The name does tend to lead to exactly what you are getting. A nice tub of Goopy Slime that looks a gross as it feels is loved by kids. You can get these in assorted colours too, and each kid knows whose is whose, and can each have their own bucket of fun to keep themselves or a day with friends, full of goopy-fun.

Flow Ringz

Put them on and watch them flow. A mesmerizing set of stainless steel rings that has the ability to flow up and down your arm. You can pass them from one arm to the next and keep the fun going for ages. When you want to start over, just push them flat and pass them along, or try It again yourself.

Unicorn Poop Keyring

 These are great for in the car or to pass the time while you are dreadfully waiting in line for something. A Unicorn poop keyring is funny for anyone who sees or touches it. Bright, colourful and instant hilarity every time you give the unicorn a little squeeze. Unicorns are quite magical to play with.


This interactive game comes with 1000 jigsaw pieces that are great for kids, families and friends alike. A great way to stimulate minds and bring out some creativity in everyone. Easy to pack up, transport and store. A Portapuzzle will get kids hook on the good wholesome fun that can last for days.

Inflatable Peacock Island

Whether playing at the pool or just lazing around the backyard, nothing says summer-fun like a nice day on an inflatable peacock. Deflated it can fit virtually anywhere and once easily blown-up, kids can relax on it, play games or safely enjoy the water. Summer is always more fun with an inflatable peacock.


Brain Maze Puzzle

Patience, a keen eye, a hint of cleverness, and possibly whole lot of time. Those are the base of skills you’ll work on and things you’ll need in order to crack the code of Neon Brain Maze Sphere Puzzle. Keeping your eye on the ball and your mind on the task. This game is fun for the whole family and is sure to keep the kids busy for hours.

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Clare Louise Author