Unique Road Trips to Take From Chattanooga

Whether you already live in Chattanooga, or you’re planning on flying in and renting an RV from someone in Chattanooga, it’s a great place to start a road trip. In terms of the southern United States, it’s relatively centrally located, and you have direct access to the interstate in Chattanooga. So where should you go […]

Four Quick and Easy Things You Can Do to Make Your Marriage Better

No one wants to be stuck in an unhappy marriage. We’re intrinsically motivated to work on having a better relationship, but it turns out, there are plenty of other reasons to get, and stay married too. Being in a happy, committed relationship can make you healthier, it makes you wealthier, and it can even prolong […]

What to Expect from Outpatient Drug Rehab

If you have recently decided to seek help for your drug addiction, the next step is deciding which type of treatment to pursue. Although you may desire the intense focus of an inpatient program, it may not be practical for you for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you’re a single parent and you would have […]

Why Pawn Shops Just Make Sense

You’ll agree that vintage item gathering dust in your basement can be hard to part with. However, if you’re cash-strapped, it means you’re desperate for cash and can do anything to raise some. With valuable items such as a laptop or a smartphone, then you can have some money in no time. Gem Pawnbrokers is […]

Cruise Ship Assault: What To Do If You Are Assaulted On A Cruise Ship

A cruise vacation is supposed to be fun and relaxing. Unfortunately, for some people, the trip of a lifetime can turn into a nightmare. People often let their guard down onboard a cruise. However, there is a hidden danger onboard — crime, and it occurs more often than you might think. According to NBC News, […]

Adding a Fireplace-9 Important Considerations

A fireplace is a great way to make a home or business setting unique, out-of-the-ordinary and, more importantly, “your very own.”  Look at it as a voyage into the past (when fireplaces were commonplace) or, just as easily, a leisurely walk into the present . . . modern fireplaces in homes built by people with impeccable architectural […]

Sideswipe Car Accidents Lawyers in Houston

Were you sideswiped by another driver? A Houston car accident lawyer can help. If so, you are probably lucky to be reading this. According to the National Institute of Health, if you were occupying the same side as the crash impact, then you are more likely to be severely or fatally injured than if you […]

Outpatient Drug Rehabilitation NJ: What you need to know

If you’re battling alcohol and substance abuse, the first step to recovery is in seeking treatment. Most of us are familiar with the inpatient treatment programs, but outpatient drug rehab programs are a viable alternative. BlueCrest Recovery Center is an outpatient drug rehab in NJ. What’s an Outpatient Drug Rehab Program? Outpatient treatment for drug abuse […]

Get an Online Second Opinion from Weill Cornell Medicine

Weill Cornell Medicine is known worldwide as the medical school for Cornell University. Its teaching hospital is New York-Presbyterian Hospital with two campuses. Weill Cornell Medicine is also affiliated with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Their clinical services include almost 50 specialties from breast surgery and cardiology to maxillofacial surgery and pediatric surgery. It offers surgical and […]